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Because we read too many books!

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Anyone know what's happening with the LATS (Liberal Arts Theatre Society) this year? I have a couple suggestions...



And this site has a nice list. 
Any thoughts??

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My apartment is lonely! It doesn't have me in it anymore, and I'm still paying rent on it!


Even if you're not looking, I'm sure you know someone who is!

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Just a Reminder..........

There is still a gorgeous room for rent in a 6.5, available immediately. Rent is ONLY $383, nut I've left to come home for the summer, and in the fall I'm moving in with my boyfriend into a smaller place. For more information and/or to see pictures, e-mail me at harvard_ave@hotmail.com ----- you really won't regret it!!!

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Hey everyone,

I'm not sure if you all recieved this message from Lina so I'm sending you guys a message either way.

I saw Buzz today at the LAC and he informed me that all sections will NOT be studying Spnioza. Tuesday's lecture will be on Hobbes and Spinoza will not be on the final exam.

Spread the word!

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Hey guys, Tassie here. Wow, official second person to post. Go me.

Soooo... what on earth does anyone from the LAC care about in my life? lol... well, I'm getting rid of my apartment... through no fault of my own I might add, I am forced to move to the West Island (specifically my Dad's basement) for the remainder of the school year. The school charged me more than agreed, and my loan gave me less than promised. I can no longer afford... oh just about anything.

I'm getting to the part you might care about, don't worry :P

Anyway, this leaves a perfectly wonderful apartment and 2 awesome roommates without moi. So, it is my job to find a new moi to take over my apartment for the rest of my lease, and if this new moi likes it, he or she can stay!

I guess I'll post all the info now that I've started. lol.

well first-off, here are some pictures...

This spacious, sunny 6.5 in NDG (Harvard Avenue) has one room available RIGHT NOW.

The cost is $383 per month, plus $30 for Internet and in-apartment phone, long distance included (you get 500 minutes a month).

Since there are four bedrooms, you will be sharing with 2 great roommates, and the fourth bedroom is available for storage, as is the small room beside the back balcony. If you choose to drop by, let me know in advance I and will arrange for you to meet the roommates. They prefer a female student, but they're flexible.

The pictures I've included show two angles of the HUGE kitchen (note the high cielings), and one picture of the large but cozy living room. Under that area rug is the same hardwood that covers all the floors except the bathroom and kitchen. There are also two balconies, one out front and one out back, for you to enjoy during the warmer months.

Last but not least, LOCATION LOCATION, LOCATION!!! 10 minutes’ walk to Vendome Metro. Or, if you prefer, 3 minutes to the 105 Sherbrooke bus stop, which can get you to Vendome going east in no time, or hop on the bus heading west and you'll be at Loyola in 15 minutes! Not only that, but it's a 5 minute stroll to the bank, grocery stores, restaurants... everything is at your fingertips!

Don’t hesitate, this will go really fast!

e-mail me at tassie_king@hotmail.com

Or best of all... leave a comment!!
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Well, to start things off here (cause maybe we need someone to post from time to time, just to pretend we have something to say...), and as I haven't talked about it in my own journal, I want to offer my congratulations to everyone who was involved in the play.

The choice of the play itself was the very best, because Machiavelli's literary works are so little known. All the actors were well-chosen. I had a great time watching it (and I actually hit my head TWICE on the metal railing at the back of the last row... I was laughing so hard).

So again, félicitations to everyone, and I can't wait to see next year's production.

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It's not the idea of the century (which only is 5 years old, might I remind you), but I thought it could be nice.

Feel free to join, fellow LACers... - no wait for membership, no moderation for the posts (yet).

And if you're not in LAC, you can still get in, but you'll find us either very boring, or very crazy. And you will not have any idea what we are talking about.

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